Thursday, November 04, 2004


My good old blog at Xanga

I've got several blogs, started on different occasions. The one i have used most recently is at http://www.xanga.com/susnyrop

PS I wonder how to create links in here that are clickable? Xanga has a more intuitive interface where I don't have to use HTML - but do I have to in Blogger?

Blog workshop at the IATEFL Belnate workshop

Opening a new blog can be done in minutes! We're participating in an online workshop with about 20 participants from MInsk University in Belarus. Teresa, Bee and Buth are doing a wonderful job helping participants to open a new blog. The introduction session was terrific and very enlightening, with many good examples. We're right now waiting for teh Minskies to send us their new blog addresses so they can be added to the conference blogroll at


November 2004  

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